Access by car in old town of Besalú

Since 7 January 2014, Besalú has in force a regulation a regulation about accessing by car to the old town. Please, read below if you're planning to access with your car.

According to municipal regulations, only authorized vehicles can access the old town of Besalú.

At the different entrances of the old town you will find the passage closed by pylons. However, at present, the system is being tested, and if you go to the bollard, it automatically download and you will be able to access normally. In the future, it will be needed to register your number plate to the system to allow your pass. We will do it from Cal Fuster.

VERY IMPORTANT: While the system will allow access, it should be noted that in no case you have the right parking. Only vehicles with "resident id stick" can (and can only do so in areas particularly enabled). Parking the vehicle without the corresponding symbol may result in a sanction from the authorities.

What you can do is to make a temporary stop for loading / unloading your luggage. This stop can be anywhere in the old town as long as you respect the passage of people and vehicles and signaling it with 4 blinking lights.

You can view the complete municipal regulations (in catalan).