Romanesque bridge

The Romanesque bridge (widely known as "The Bridge of Besalú") is a building that dates from the XIth or XIIth Century (the first news we have from it are from 1075) and has undergone several restorations over its history.

Former main entrance of the town on the river Fluvià.

In the middle of the bridge there is a fortified hexagonal tower where it still retains the gate allowing it open or close it at will.

The current bridge is the result of several reconstructions and renovations made over the centuries. Several floods (1315, 1321, 1433, 1421, 1669, 1771 and 1790) affected the bridge so that it was necessary to repair it often. In 1880 they demolished the tower of the center and the gateway from the village to facilitate the passage of necessary machinery for the local industry. In 1939, during the Spanish civil war, two arches where destroyed and then in the 60s, it was reconstructed based on texts and illustrations explaining how it was originally.

Many of the activities of our town, as the struggles during the Medieval Besalú or the concentration of the food-trucks Besalú Underbridge are at his feet.

Our apartments are less than a minute from the bridge. So allows you to easily enjoy it at any time. You can simply cross it and enjoy an unrivaled view of our town and to go down and cross the Fluvià under the footbridge. Do what you do, we guarantee you will not leave you indifferent.