The number of American tourists in Besalú grows up


There is a bigger difference between the familiar tourism that is looking for an accomodation in Besalú to be on holidays and groups of travelers who visit it in working days.

According to the Besalu's Tourism Office, in 2016 the number of American tourists in Besalú has grown up to a 33%. There is an increase of the number of Catalan visitors who choose Besalú for their holidays.

In general terms, in 2016 there has been a 5% more of tourists who went to the Besalu's Tourism Office to ask for information. From August to September is when there are more non Spanish tourists, specially looking for guided tours of the village around its Jewish past.

We are not surprised that American tourists choose Besalú for their holidays destination, since a trip to Girona is always a good option to disconnect and to enjoy the charms of the Garrotxa's area.

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